Serving Your Performance

Communication: Sales Story

A major advertising agency approached us. They wanted to improve the sales skills of their workforce. They wanted to try something new. We offered our Storyselling process: a full day seminar sharing storytelling techniques that people have been using to engage, communicate and persuade others for the past 5,000 years. Here's what participants had to say:

"The skills are instantly transferable. I'm going to reword and rewrite my current presentations to make them more memorable. I'm going to tell them the story of their product and how our magazine can be a part of their success story."

"In my presentations and meetings I now know another creative way to engage the agencies so they remember me more. I will feel more confident and in control and know I'll be able to deal with situations/objections more effectively."

"Once upon a time I was an ordinary salesperson. Then I learned how to engage my audience by communicating complex messages using simple stories. From now on I will stand out from the competition, and live happily ever after."