Serving Your Performance

Leadership: Transformational Performance

An HR Director of a major technology company approached us. One her most talented senior managers was about to be promoted to a new role that would require her to demonstrate more powerful, visible and persuasive leadership.

We showed the manager how to forge powerful relationships with her new colleagues and create positive perceptions among them. She gained awareness of how to behave at different status levels to create impact and exert more influence. We helped her define and refine her messages and to slow down when she delivered them, to ensure that they were being understood.

After several half-day sessions spread out over a month, here's what the HR Director had to say.

'As you know, Sharon is an extremely talented young lady but had been struggling to express her leadership with gravitas and conviction. She had received some internal coaching but we needed someone to take her on to the next level. You did this. Our Directors noticed a distinct change in her, which resulted in the success of her promotion and subsequent high performance. Thanks for your brilliant work.”