Serving Your Performance

Leadership: Leading With Energy

A hardworking group of executives from a major financial institution were finding their energy continually drained by the never-ending series of challenges they faced in reorganising their division. In the past year two of the group had been forced to take long periods off work for stress related illnesses. They clearly needed support.

Spoon associates introduced them to the revolutionary practice of Energy Management, a way to mobilise and access their inner energy sources. We showed them a series of simple physical exercises they could do in their offices, in their cars, on airplanes or anywhere else to help them refresh and revitalise themselves. We created a five minute routine they could do to feel energised, balanced and to create greater clarity of thought and more effective communication. They also learned how to manage their energy throughout the course of long days and weeks at work.

A year later they begin all their executive meetings by doing this five minute routine, and report that this has made them both individually and collectively more focused and productive, and much more connected as a group. They report having lower levels of stress, being better able to respond to conflicts and crisis, and enjoying greater physical and mental well-being. This has helped them become better leaders. People who work in the division have noticed real change in the way decisions are taken, the way messages are communicated, and the overall leadership presence of this group. The result: a happier, healthier and more productive company.