Serving Your Performance

Team: Get Your Business Moving

We at Spoon know that to enhance learning or embed a message it’s best to engage all the senses and to have fun. That’s why we created a ‘customer service dance’ for a large group of managers at an international retailing giant. In this dance, played out to a sexy, vibrant Barry White classic, the managers practised enhanced rapport with the customer and embedded a vivid scenario of roaring sales. You could say that the company message was going right into the managers’ muscles, along with a healthy dose of endorphins. Each shimmy and hip thrust literally drove the message home.

The dance—which was also a celebration of their working life--was re-enacted in stores throughout Europe. Six months later, the company was reaping the results in terms of sales and profits.

There were clearly other benefits as well. One participant added: ‘After the last event you did with us, my husband asked me to show him the dance you created for us. This really improved our marriage!’