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Price Waterhouse Coopers
Church of England
London Underground
UK Learning and Skills Council
Channel Four Television
Rolls Royce
British Telecom
Children's Trust
Whipps Cross Hospital
St. Bart's Hospital
St. George's Hospital
Birkbek University
Metropolitan Police
Visit Britain
Leicester Council
Institute for Family Therapy

"Spoon’s unusual work brought a real creative dimension to our conference."
--Shell, Scotland

"I made more meaningful connections with my team today than I have in sixteen months in the job."
--Senior Manager, Pfizer, UK

"The significant thing is that today we have been more human with each other. We spend most of our daily lives in each other’s company. It’s very powerful to begin to have a sense of the full resources of the team in human terms."
--PWC Partner

"Truly stunning... A great event... An extremely important day... It is essential to have these joint experiences and memories…The Experience was precious and must be kept pure..We achieved as much as we could hope for in a day... There are very few things in the world you can't order and buy—this was one of those things."
--Management Consultancy Partners, Germany

"A dazzling success for all involved. The participants really enjoyed it and found it very useful. Some of them were using the techniques the very next day. My consultants were also delighted with how easily your expertise seamlessly integrated with theirs to deliver a cohesive day for the finalists. We would love to work with you again next year."
--Mitra Milton-Tayler, Helios Awards Programme Manager, BP

"The sessions were extremely useful! And I still use the techniques today.
Every time I enter a meeting room I think about the coaching. Delivering a speech with authority has made a big difference. For me, the most powerful part of the
coaching is its application for small one on one sessions or in a small
--Marketing Manager, Motorola

"Many thanks again for the excellent sessions and for such thorough, excellent notes! These are first class and I appreciate it. The work has been extremely helpful and again continues to pay dividends every day.
--Manager, BP

Thanks for your brilliant work. As you know, Sharon is an extremely talented young lady but had been passed over for promotion as she did not come across with gravitas and conviction. She had received some internal coaching but we needed someone to take her onto the next level. You did this. The Directors noticed a distinct change in her which resulted in her promotion and subsequent business success."
--Organizational Development Consultant, Chevron Texaco

"I would like to thank you for the excellent coaching work
that you have done with me. 
impact on me was enormous. I found your enthusiasm, interest and care a very strong motivational
fuel in understanding the need to improve my self-knowledge, and to work on
improving my weaknesses and better appreciating my strengths."
--Executive Director, Fortis Merchant Banking

"We had such fun over the weekend Spoon arranged for us. Creating our own show really brought the whole team together. We improved how we communicate and interact and I know this will translate into our work with clients."
--Sarah, London Underground

"Spoon handled the production of our training video professionally and seamlessly from beginning to end. It turned out not only to be informative, but very entertaining as well. People are still talking about it."
-- Simon, Accenture

"Jack, you are a real inspiring guy! Your enthusiasm is contagious."
--Manager, Fortis Bank

"Brilliant, inspirational, transformative work."
Manager, JobCentre Plus

"Russell showed how we could use the techniques he shared with us. He was an absolute pleasure to work with, it was a joy to see him in action, and I look forward to the next opportunity to take our collaboration forward."
--Thecla Schreuders. Communications Consultant, Redhouse lane Communications

"As a musical philistine (prior to the course I hasten to add) I found it enlightening, educational and exceptionally motivating. I think that there are some great lessons that we can learn as a business about the power of music. I'm now a bit of a dab hand at the triangle I have to say!!!"
Manager, Lever-Faberge

"Loved the practical sessions on both days and the facilitators were great. I applied the thinking immediately as I had to go to our ad agency after the workshop to talk about music for our new ad!"
--Brand Manager, Unilever

"This session will add confidence to my presentations. Every time I go out to see an agency or client I will always think about how I can deliver the info in a creative way rather than using a laptop with 100 slides on it!"
--Senior Manager, Price Waterhouse Coopers

"Jack's sessions using The Hero's Journey have made me rethink my behaviour as a leader of my team. I will return to work on Monday with renewed energy to create our own shared story."
--Senior Manger, Fortis Insurance

"The skills are instantly transferable. I'm going to reword and rewrite my current presentations to make them more memorable. I'm going to tell them the story of their product and how our magazine can be a part of their success story."
--Manager, EMAP Advertising

"The way the program connected the attendees helped us create the team we have been trying to for years!"
--HR Manager, Philips

"With these guys team-work can be so much fun and wonderfully productive/positive"
--Leadership Director, International Bank

"I'm now ready to take my future in my own hands."
--One-to-One Coaching Client

"In the work that we did together for Sport England--a company-wide brainstorm of their organisational values--Spoon's Russell Saunders brought three key qualities: personality, presence and point of view. His personal warmth, enthusiasm and openness engaged an audience that has a certain mistrust of outsiders. His professional skill and confidence kept 200 people on track for hours at a time--no mean feat. And his understanding of the organisation's context and issues meant that his facilitation was focussed on their needs at all times."
--Leader, Sport England

"The coach's guidance through a journey of events helped us in reinstalling our personal and life priorities and their alignment with our professional activities. The outcome was a state of wellbeing and good balance with refreshed energy and mind. Overall, this was an enriching experience which will benefit both me and my company for a long time."
--Filip Vandorpe, Senior Manager, Fortis

"Thank you for all you did today. It was a long day, but you all stayed fresh, creative and engaging in all the roleplays. I met with the students later and they were all buzzing following a stimulating day. They had all been apprehensive but the authenticity of your mini productions kept them on their toes so they soon forgot their nerves. We all benefited from your support today, and we all learned. Thank you."
--Barry Winbolt, Institute of Family Therapy

"The show Spoon created at our conference was fantastic, and was just what we needed to create a buzz about the launch of our new operational system. It really got the message across in an entertaining way. I wish we could have Spoon in our office everyday!"
-- Susan, Penguin Books

"The prospect of working with a professional actor was scary at first, but the opportunity to practice and hone my sales technique was really valuable. It was great to get feedback from a "customer" about how I made them feel. Abigail helped me recognise and eliminate some communication habits that were working against me and the sale."
--Barry, VW