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Abigail Boyd

Abigail is a founder and director of Spoon, and is creative director of Spoon Productions. She specialises in designing and delivering courses that encourage people to realise their full potential.

Abigail has created work for clients including VW, the IFT, The Metropolitan Police and The NHS. She studied at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and works as an actress in Film, Television and Theatre.


Abigail works on both individual and group coaching in personal impact and influencing. She helps clients improve and focus their confidence, vocal technique and energy.


Abigail delivers Spoon Solutions, a process that is designed to empower people to remove obstacles to successful collaborative working and to improve their team performance.


Abigail creates and delivers role-plays and enactments of real business situations that allow leaders to rehearse important meetings, presentations and other 'moments of truth' in their business lives. Abigail knows that this preparation is the best way to guarantee successful outcomes.


As Creative Director of Spoon Productions, Abigail produces training videos and live interventions that help organisations deliver and emphasise messages and themes powerfully and memorably. Abigail demonstrates the power and value of using the performing arts in business to improve overall performance and growth.