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Grainne offers innovative ways to improve sales performance.

Since 2005 Grainne has been running her own sales training business. Her diverse range of business clients includes drinks, domain name management, IT, the voluntary sector, shipping, recruitment, banking, manufacturing and MBA students. She steers clients to define what excellent selling looks like in their sector, then uses a combination of bespoke skills workshops, facilitation and coaching to help them achieve this.

Grainne honed her skills at Mars Confectionary, where she implemented a sales force competency framework and developed a team dedicated to developing the skills of the Mars sales force at every level. She also led training in sales skills, account management, negotiating and presenting and facilitated strategy and team events, including the popular Stephen Programme, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

Grainne is a licensed practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), has a degree in Latin and Linguistics, and began her career in accountancy with KPMG and Woodchester Investments.


Grainne designs sales skills programmes that give managers and teams an integrated approach to improving sales success. She provides a framework of beliefs and core skills to help people sell your services and products. This includes how to develop a strategy to build business with new and existing customers, using strategic account management practices and skills. She shows people how to use their own and other’s preferred communication patterns to effectively influence customers and colleagues. She also shares approaches to negotiation that help maintain long term relationships and deliver value to both parties.

Grainne supports both dedicated salespeople and those who need to sell as part of their business role.


Grainne uses creative facilitation exercises to help teams deliver excellent customer service, create a strategic vision and mission, and to define their core contribution to the success of their organisation.