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Jyotish is an expert in health and well-being.

Jyotish creates and delivers innovative programmes that integrate scientific knowledge with ancient wisdom traditions to help clients discover and maintain new levels of energy, clarity, well-being and performance. His clients include Barclays, British Gas, Reuters, Marks and Spencer, Fokusbank, Skandia and Boston Consulting.

Drawing on fifteen years of professional experience in the field of complementary healthcare, Jyotish has pioneered the application of Energy Medicine in the world of business. Energy Medicine is the art and science of fostering physical, psychological and spiritual health and well-being.


Jyotish shares simple life-enhancing techniques and concepts that support personal and group sustainability. This work is designed to help teams renew and focus their energy to work together more successfully.


Jyotish shows leaders how to develop their authentic vitality and personal power and project this throughout every aspect of their work. He also helps leaders realise all of their capabilities and find inner peace and freedom.