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Olivier is a business consultant and coach who incorporates the creative arts into professional and personal development.

He has worked closely with leaders in companies such as Eurocopter, DirectLine, BP, L’Oreal, BNP Paribas, Bausch & Lomb, Carrefour, Microsoft and GSK. Olivier's work is rooted and inspired by the richness of his background. He has lived in 8 different countries and speaks 5 languages. Olivier is a graduate of both the London School of Economics, where he studied International Relations, and the prestigious Central School of Speech and Drama, where he obtained a Degree in Acting.


Olivier uses theatre storytelling techniques to improve clients' presentation and oration skills and to define and communicate their strategy and vision.


At the core of Olivier’s work is a desire to drive business performance by improving the leadership skills of managers, from board members to front line managers. He focuses on developing leaders' awareness and application of emotional intelligence and soft skills in order to increase engagement and motivation.


Olivier's passion is to help organisations achieve and exceed their potential. Olivier’s linguistic skills and multicultural background inspired him to create programmes on Intercultural Management. He offers consultancy and seminars for businesses that need to improve and develop working relationships across multinational and multilingual divisions.