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Peta Lily

Peta Lily specialises in taking executives and other professionals to new levels of engagement, inspiration and performance.

Peta has worked in multi-national petrochemicals, banking, services and government organisations where her clients include business unit leaders and board-level executives (BP, Citigroup and Compass).

After beginning her career as a copywriter and commercials director in advertising, Peta went on to build an international career as a writer/performer/teacher/director in the expressive arts. She draws on twenty years experience in theatre to share powerful techniques that help executives and professionals be more engaging, confident and inspiring in conversations, meetings, presentations and even in daily life.


Peta describes herself as a “Communications Make-Over Coach.” She helps clients revolutionise the way they communicate by improving how they use their voice, body and intellect.


Peta brings her expertise as a Performer, Writer and Director to facilitate team events that incorporate a theatrical theme. Whether helping you to create your own story, developing your performance or playing a role envisioned by you she brings an energy and expertise that gets results.


Peta focuses on developing leaders' ability to engage those around them. Whether it is helping to define purpose, generating an inclusive working environment or creating a system of shared values, her work is inspirational and life changing.