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Performance Plays

Performance Plays

We can create or help you make a skit, a theatre piece or a short film to addresses key issues and challenges. This is an effective and inspiring way to urge people to engage with your business goals and objectives--immediately and memorably.

We offer four different types of Performance Plays:

  • 1. For You: We write and perform for you
  • 2. By You and Us: You write, we perform for you
  • 3. With You: We write, you perform for each other (with or without us)
  • 4. By You: You write and perform for each other

In options 3 and 4, participants create their own dramatic presentations. This provides an opportunity for innovation, spontaneity and teamwork. The success of the project depends on the team’s ability to realise the potential of all its individuals and to work together towards a vision that achieves shared goals.