Serving Your Communication

"The skills are instantly transferable. I'm going to reword and rewrite my current presentations to make them more memorable. I'm going to tell them the story of their product and how our magazine can be a part of their success story."
--Manager, EMAP Advertising

We recognise the vital role communication plays in all aspects of your business. We see communication as the link between your Leaders, Teams and your Organisation. We are communication specialists, and draw heavily on our extensive experience in the performing arts to help you improve your business performance.


Our training programmes are designed to help your people communicate more effectively in every area of their work. We offer a wide range of workshops and seminars offering tools to help your people:

  • Structure and deliver powerful presentations
  • Re-energise sales pitches
  • Have greater impact in every interaction
  • Increase the effectiveness of their meetings
  • Give and receive more effective feedback and appraisals

Let us show you how to rehearse important meetings, pitches and presentations. We can provide actors to portray your key conversation partners to make these rehearsals more realistic and challenging.

We understand that follow-up can be essential to embed any training, so we offer practice programmes to provide continuing support, reinforcement and tips to help implement the learning.

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We pride ourselves on our customised training programmes which are designed meet all your communication needs. We can partner with you to create comprehensive bespoke solutions to transform the communication culture of your organisation.


We offer one to one and group coaching, as well as Train the Trainer programmes to support peer-to-peer learning throughout your organisation.


Need to focus the energy and attention of your organization? Need to make sure your employees are living your brand and delivering on your brand promise? There’s nothing like a Spoon event.

Let us know what your message is, and we'll develop a plan to help you get it across most powerfully.

Spoon Productions stages workshops, conferences and road shows to create a buzz around an issue, or to help you launch a new product, process or strategy. We provide the creative talent that can shine a spotlight on your key issues and challenges in fresh and memorable ways using film, audio and live events.

Our office interventions raise awareness of key issues, educate and motivate your teams, and get people interacting in new ways. We can provide professional actors--briefed on your organisation and its aims--to portray, illustrate and highlight key themes and issues.

We'll script your organisation's current mission or greatest challenge into a Performance Play (or film, opera or melodrama) so you can consider it with new insight and perspective. If you want, we'll get you into the act. We are experts at integrating opportunities for learning and insight into corporate entertainment.

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