Serving Your Communication

"Thanks for your brilliant work. As you know, Sharon is an extremely talented young lady but had been passed over for promotion as she did not come across with gravitas and conviction. She had received some internal coaching but we needed someone to take her onto the next level. You did this. The Directors noticed a distinct change in her which resulted in her promotion and subsequent business success."
--Organizational Development Consultant, Chevron Texaco


We offer one to one and small group coaching to supplement our master-classes. This coaching can address specific individual objectives, embed learning, offer ongoing support and allow our clients more opportunities for focussed practice.

Rehearsal Coaching

Practice is the best way to improve communication skills. Yet people rarely get opportunities to practice and rehearse 'off-line,' in non-pressure situations. We offer chances for you to rehearse key conversations, presentations and meetings with highly-skilled and experienced actors, who are briefed to 'become' your audience and offer feedback. We specialise in providing actors who fully understand the business issues you're facing, which enables them to give you more insightful and valuable feedback and coaching. Rehearsal provides a safe place to experiment with different approaches. It also helps you improve quickly, exposes any holes in your preparation and helps you avoid potential surprises or unwanted scenarios.

Meeting Coaching

Could your meetings be more efficient and productive? Sometimes an outside eye is needed. Our Meeting Mechanic can sit in on your meeting and note what is happening on an individual, group and process level in order to make your meetings more productive.

Team Coaching

We have developed several team coaching methods to help your teams communicate more effectively. Our Spoon Solutions process helps you identify and implement solutions to long-standing and complex problems and issues using an interactive scenario process.

We also work with Grapple™, a revolutionary new interactive coaching tool designed to improve team dynamics and reduce and resolve conflicts and unproductive behaviour.