Serving Your Communication

"The prospect of working with a professional actor was scary at first, but the opportunity to practice and hone my sales technique was really valuable. It was great to get feedback from a "customer" about how I made them feel. Abigail helped me recognise and eliminate some communication habits that were working against me and the sale."
--Barry, VW

We offer a series of Communication Masterclasses in:
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Presentation skills

In the current challenging business environment, everyone from senior management to new recruits needs to be able to communicate efficiently and confidently in every situation.

We offer courses in Foundation Level and Advanced Presentation Skills. We also offer comprehensive tailored solutions for all your communication needs.

Personal impact

Excellent communication skills help the successful manager and the engaging leader make a powerful impact on those around them, enabling them to stand out from the competition. We share theatre and performance skills designed to bolster confidence, increase visibility and help you inspire and motivate those around you.

Sales skills

Sales is the engine of your business. We offer essential sales techniques for people just entering the sales field, and advanced programmes for experienced salespeople who want to refresh and refine their toolbox.

Meeting effectiveness

Meetings are where your business gets done. Yet often people complain that many of their meetings are poorly defined and badly run. We can help you tune up your meetings to enable your organisation to run more smoothly.

Inter-personal skills

Research shows that poor business results and low employee engagement often stem from two management failures:

  • Poor communication skills and practices
  • Poor working relationships and interpersonal skills

We will show you simple ways to improve your inter-personal skills and your awareness of others’ needs.

Train the trainer

We can show you how to get the most value from your communication training budget. We offer Train the Trainer programmes to develop the training and coaching skills of your workforce. We'll work with you to re-create the training scenarios your trainers face, and share techniques to help them:

  • Learn the key secrets to engaging a training room
  • Understand how to energise a group
  • Diagnose the needs of their audience
  • Create safe learning environments