Serving Your Communication

"When you reach a fork in the road, reach for a spoon"
--Mark Twain

Inter-personal Skills

Giving Powerful Feedback and Appraisals

Master the five types of feedback that create results and change. Learn when to use each style and how to tailor your feedback for different individuals to ensure your messages are understood and internalised. This programme also exposes the myth of 'negative' feedback.


  • Give clear appraisals which create behavioural change
  • Learn how to create positive outcomes for difficult conversations
  • Better support colleagues who lack confidence or direction

Empathy and Emotional Intelligence

This programme offers tools to help you establish and maintain strong, productive working relationships. You'll learn how to practice and encourage open, honest communication, how to develop active, engaged listening skills and increase your awareness of the intellectual and emotional needs of others.


  • Create greater employee engagement and motivation
  • Increase productivity
  • Lower employee absenteeism and turnover

The Four Levels of Listening

Outstanding listening skills are essential for any manager or leader. Learn how and when to use the four key levels of listening to make people feel heard and valued, and to subsequently increase engagement, energy and motivation.