Serving Your Communication

"I now know that when I walk into a room full of my colleagues, they are going to sit up and take notice of me and what I have to say." Senior Manager, Price Waterhouse-Coopers

Personal Impact Courses

Impact and Influencing

This seminar shares techniques to enable you to come across most powerfully with colleagues, clients and superiors. Learn to make the most of your voice, physicality and personal style. Learn how to present the best, most powerful you in every situation from one to one chats to large scale presentations.


  • Be more confident
  • Raise your profile inside and outside your team and organisation
  • Make yourself and your messages more memorable
  • Put your stamp on every interaction

Power and Charisma

This session shares physical, vocal, intellectual and emotional techniques to help you accentuate your personal dynamism, passion and sincerity.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Harness your breath to relax your body
  • Make the most of the pitch, range, pace, volume and quality of your voice
  • Use personal passion and commitment to create engagement


Presence is the effect a manager or leader has on every interaction—both personal and virtual. This session helps managers and leaders have consistent positive impact and influence on their working environment and the people around them. Discover how to project your presence through repeated messages and powerful actions that express your vision and intention and drive your organisation towards optimal performance.

Presenting Powerful Stories

Revitalise your presentations by employing the most essential communication tool of the past 5,000 years—storytelling. Learn how to structure your messages and vision and express them in powerful, clear language to engage audiences of any size.


  • Make it stick – tell a story your audience won't forget
  • Create stories around your team or product

Inspirational Communication: The Secrets of Great Speeches

This session demonstrates how you can structure and deliver a uniquely memorable speech or presentation. Learn how to use imagery, metaphor and repetition to reinforce key messages and create a compelling speech to fully engage your audience.

Interview Techniques

Learn simple techniques to get the most out of any interview or client consultation.


  • Increased confidence in any interview
  • Awareness of what makes a good interview
  • A chance to practice interview techniques 'off-line.'

We also share techniques to help you conduct interviews. We have a long track record of helping Police detectives and NHS staff in this area.

Spontaneity and Improvisation

Life is a series of improvisations, but few people believe they are natural improvisers. Learn techniques to stay in the moment and react powerfully to what is happening NOW!

The Write Stuff

Discover how to simplify and clarify your writing style. Make sure that every brief and email you write goes straight to the point and can be easily understood.