Serving Your Communication

"Russell showed how we could use the techniques he shared with us. He was an absolute pleasure to work with, it was a joy to see him in action, and I look forward to the next opportunity to take our collaboration forward."
--Thecla Schreuders. Communications Consultant, Redhouse lane Communications

Presentation Skills

Foundation Presentation Skills

This interactive course will help you deliver powerful presentations and engage audiences of any size. You'll learn practical, easy-to-use skills and techniques in using your voice, physical presence and body language. You'll have opportunities to practice your presentations and receive feedback.


  • Control nerves effectively
  • Improve your personal delivery style
  • Vary pace and language to keep people listening
  • Use rapport to engage audiences
  • Be convincing and confident

Advanced Presentation Skills

This course enables presenters to make the most of their personal strengths and style in order to land key messages to small and large audiences. We'll show you how to be more at ease, in command of your material and engaging.


  • Excite, inspire and persuade audiences
  • Get across key messages powerfully and succinctly
  • Use different presentation styles for different audiences

Structuring Presentations

This session helps people devise and structure strong content for their presentations. Our unique '1-3-7 Method' helps you define and distill your message, and shows you how to emphasise key points. You'll also discover how to focus on speaking to the needs of your audience.


  • Shorter, more focused presentations
  • Faster, more efficient preparation for presentations
  • Presentations that audiences can immediately grasp and understand
  • Messages that connect to your audience's needs