Serving Your Communication

"This session will add confidence to my presentations. Every time I go out to see an agency or client I will always think about how I can deliver the info in a creative way rather than using a laptop with 100 slides on it!"
--Senior Manager, Price Waterhouse Coopers

Sales Skills

Sales: The Essentials

This interactive seminar shares the essentials of effective sales. Understand your formula for sales success and develop a successful sales strategy.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Build a customer base
  • Increase the value of your proposition
  • Understand and appeal to buyers' motivations
  • Use questioning strategies to develop customer needs

Mastering Sales

This seminar shares practices and secrets of successful sales people.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Secure initial meetings
  • Qualify prospects and minimise wasted contacts
  • Develop and deliver a powerful proposal
  • Build and maintain rapport for success
  • Manage objections and move forward


This programme shares storytelling tools and techniques you can use to improve your sales pitches, presentations and performance. Learn how to focus your sales message and communicate it powerfully to audiences of any size.


  • Create memorable pitches which stand out from the competition
  • Increase and diversify the skills of your sales force
  • Develop a way of selling that does not rely solely on figures

Rehearsing the Sale

Everyone recognises the importance of sales training. But just as critical for success is practice and feedback. We provide actors to re-create all your sales situations. This gives your salespeople opportunities to practice and develop the techniques to improve their performance and your bottom line.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn how to manage objectives and stay with the sale
  • Read your customer's tone of voice body language (and use your own to create rapport)
  • Refine sales conversations
  • Develop individual technique
  • Create a team "style" or "character"