Serving Your Communication

"It only takes one spoon to feed a village. Likewise, one idea passionately applied can change the world."

In an uncertain and rapidly changing business climate, effective leadership is essential. We inspire and coach executives to develop the outstanding leadership skills required to respond to challenges and lead their organisations to long-term growth. Our bespoke programmes and master-classes are designed to help leaders:
  • Realise their leadership potential
  • Harness their creative, innovative and entrepreneurial energy
  • Deal with complexity and change
  • Better motivate, engage, coach and manage colleagues
  • Promote collaborative working and knowledge sharing

Customised Training and Development

We design customised leadership programmes to directly serve the issues and challenges in your organisation. This 'business-driven training' connects to your defined business objectives. Our short, sharp interventions have immediate impact on your business activities. Our longer module-based programmes enable you to meet your organisation's strategic goals and serve as an integrated part of your organisational transformation.

We work in close partnership with you to identify the leadership capabilities you currently need to achieve your business agenda. We then design a framework and put together a faculty to meet those needs.

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Often the most productive discussions and breakthroughs occur at management off-sites, board retreats and conferences. We provide unusual, experiential ways to connect leaders, to facilitate important conversations and enable leaders to overcome obstacles and unite behind a common purpose.

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Leadership Master-Classes

We believe that personal growth and development is an essential component of organisational change. Our leadership master-classes provide many opportunities for personal and professional transformation. We can help your leaders:

  • Develop world-class 'soft skills'
  • Establish and maintain engaged, energised, high-functioning teams
  • Identify, empower and mentor other emerging leaders
  • Create a culture of innovation and learning

Let us show you how we can help your executives become the heroes and heroines of their own business lives in order to create lasting, sustainable growth.

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Our coaching programmes are designed to help our clients state and honour profound commitments to their own development and the growth of the organisation.

We offer one to one executive coaching to offer personal, focussed support for individuals at any stage in their careers.

Our 'Coach the Coach' programmes expand and improve the coaching skills of your leaders and managers, so they can better facilitate and support staff development. We can also show you how to set-up a peer coaching network within your organisation, to help you fill in gaps in your expertise and experience.

We offer individual and small group 'energy coaching,' which is designed to help leaders maximise and renew their physical and intellectual energy.