Serving Your Communication

"The sessions were extremely useful! And I still use the techniques today. Every time I enter a meeting room I think about the coaching. Delivering a speech with authority has made a big difference. For me, the most powerful part of the
coaching is its application for small one on one sessions or in a small
--Marketing Manager, Motorola


Our coaching programmes are designed to help our clients state and honour profound commitments to their own development and the growth of the organisation.

We offer one to one executive coaching to offer personal, focussed support for individuals at any stage in their careers.

Our 'Coach the Coach' programmes expand and improve the coaching skills of your leaders and managers, so they can better facilitate and support staff development. We can also show you how to set-up a peer coaching network within your organisation, to help you fill in gaps in your expertise and experience.

We offer individual and small group 'energy coaching,' which is designed to help leaders maximise and renew their physical and intellectual energy.