Serving Your Communication

"The coach's guidance through a journey of events helped us in reinstalling our personal and life priorities and their alignment with our professional activities. The outcome was a state of wellbeing and good balance with refreshed energy and mind. Overall, this was an enriching experience which will benefit both me and my company for a long time."
--Filip Vandorpe, Senior Manager, Fortis


Leadership Skills

We offer a wide range of interactive and insightful ways to explore and expand your leadership skills outside the context of work. These include

  • Directing a film or theatre piece
  • Conducting an orchestra
  • Painting/Sculpting/Building your vision
  • Cooking up your strategy

Performance Plays

We can create or help you make a skit, a theatre piece or a short film to addresses key issues and challenges. This is an effective and inspiring way to urge people to engage with your business goals and objectives--immediately and memorably.

We offer four different types of Performance Plays:

  • 1. For You: We write and perform for you
  • 2. By You and Us: You write, we perform for you
  • 3. With You: We write, you perform for each other (with or without us)
  • 4. By You: You write and perform for each other

In options 3 and 4, participants create their own dramatic presentations. This provides an opportunity for innovation, spontaneity and teamwork. The success of the project depends on the team’s ability to realise the potential of all its individuals and to work together towards a vision that achieves shared goals.

Inspirational Communication: The Secrets of Great Speeches

A great speech can transform your next event or conference. This session demonstrates ways you can structure and deliver a uniquely memorable speech or presentation. Learn how to use imagery, metaphor and repetition to reinforce key messages, and create a compelling speech to fully engage your audience.

Recognising Key Contributions

Want to show people you recognise and value them and their work? We can collect information and stories from your staff and create a play, a dinner, a symphony or a mural which represents themselves and their contributions.

Conferences and Board Retreats

We can show you innovative and memorable ways to use your next conference to define and express your leadership style.