Serving Your Communication

"I would like to thank you for the excellent coaching work
that you have done with me. 
impact on me was enormous. I found your enthusiasm, interest and care a very strong motivational
fuel in understanding the need to improve my self-knowledge, and to work on
improving my weaknesses and better appreciating my strengths."
--Executive Director, Fortis Merchant Banking


The Leader's Journey

What new challenges are going to energise you in the next phase of your working life? We'll share a universal story paradigm to help you consider what adventures lay ahead for you, and how you can mentor and support the personal and professional development of the people you lead.

Taking Centre Stage

Are you the leading actor in your personal business story? We can show you how to put your vision at the centre of your strategy and behaviour.

The Many Roles of a Leader

Manager, strategist, entrepreneur, coach, visionary: what are the roles that you play at work? Explore which roles best serve your organisation and your development. Develop a conscious awareness of how the roles you play affect those around you and define other people's perceptions of you.

Realising Your Strategy

We help teams translate their strategy into action. In this seminar you'll clarify the ideal end state you want your strategy to achieve, identify key individual and team behaviours necessary to execute that strategy and decide how you'll chart your progress. We'll also help you to prepare for key 'Moments of Truth,' when you'll seize opportunities to make essential and decisive progress.

Rehearsing Leadership

In theatre, rehearsal is a time to experiment with new ways of communicating and behaving to convey our messages and to create engagement. In business managers rarely have or take the opportunity to practice and rehearse before going 'live' with a key message. By practicing without the pressure of an audience, you can see the impact of different leadership styles and behaviour.

Leading Ladies

This course empowers women in leading roles in male dominated organisations and industries. Develop a wider leadership repertoire and a greater awareness of both personal strengths and self-limiting beliefs which can prevent growth.