Serving Your Communication

"I’m now ready to take my future in my own hands."
--One-to-One Coaching Client


Impact and Influencing

This session shares techniques to enable you come across most powerfully with colleagues, clients and superiors. Learn to make the most of your voice, physicality and personal style. Learn how to present the best, most powerful you in every situation from one to one chats to large scale presentations.


  • Be more confident
  • Raise your profile inside and outside your team and organisation
  • Make yourself and your messages more memorable
  • Put your stamp on every interaction


Presence is the effect a manager or leader has on every interaction—both personal and virtual. This session helps managers and leaders have consistent positive impact and influence on their working environment and the people around them. Discover how to project your presence through repeated messages and powerful actions that express your vision and intention and drive your organisation towards optimal performance.

Empathy and Emotional Intelligence

This programme offers tools to help you establish and maintain strong, productive working relationships. You'll learn how to practice and encourage open, honest communication, how to develop active, engaged listening skills and increase your awareness of the intellectual and emotional needs of others.


  • Create greater employee engagement and motivation
  • Increase productivity
  • Lower absenteeism and turnover

The Listening Leader

One of the most powerful ways for a leader to project his or her personal presence is to practice deep listening. Learn how and when to use the four key levels of listening to make people feel heard and valued, and to subsequently increase engagement, energy and motivation.

Giving Powerful Feedback and Appraisals

Master the five types of feedback that create results and positive change. Learn when to use each style and how to tailor your feedback for different individuals to ensure your messages are understood and internalised. This programme also exposes the myth of 'negative' feedback.


  • Give clear appraisals which create behavioural change
  • Learn how to create positive outcomes for difficult conversations
  • Better support colleagues who lack confidence or direction

Powerful Commitments

In challenging times, leaders are sustained by the strong, enduring commitments which guide their work. In this session you'll create your own Personal Organisational Chart to identify and explore the relationships between all of your values and commitments. You'll examine how you express these commitments in your work and how these relate to the challenges and opportunities you and your business currently face.

The Innovative Leader

Great leaders demonstrate an ability to innovate their way out of a crisis. Discover how to reframe your current challenges and turn obstacles into opportunities. Learn ways to stimulate spontaneity and entrepreneurial behaviour in yourself and your teams. Discover how to support risk-taking and realise the creative potential of your workforce. Learn techniques and frameworks to help others deal with uncertainty, ambiguity and change.

Creating Engagement

Discover key ways to tap into the your colleagues physical, intellectual and creative energies in order to foster greater employee engagement, motivation and performance.

The Leader's Look

Learn how to improve your visual presentation. Discover the few simple changes in your physical appearance and non-verbal communication can determine how you are perceived and received by others. Find the clothes that best serve your purpose and the look that will help define you.