Serving Your Organisation

"A dazzling success for all involved. The participants really enjoyed it and found it very useful. Some of them were using the techniques the very next day. My consultants were also delighted with how easily your expertise seamlessly integrated with theirs to deliver a cohesive day for the finalists. We would love to work with you again next year."
--Mitra Milton-Tayler, Helios Awards Programme Manager, BP

These are challenging times. How will your organisation react, learn and evolve in order to thrive in new technological, economic and market realities? What role can individuals play in this transformation?

At Spoon we can help you define and tackle your most pressing challenges to take decisive, action-oriented steps towards the renewal and development of your organisation.


We treat your organisation as an individual living entity. One that needs to grow, to express itself and to nurture everyone that it touches. At the same time, it needs to fulfil its intention: to created sustainable growth and serve its stakeholders.

Our work supports your organisation to achieve all these things. We can show you how to:

  • Create structures that encourage collaborative working and effective relationships across boundaries
  • Implement effective change
  • Create a culture which encourages innovation, continuous learning and knowledge sharing
  • Transform the meeting and communication culture of your organisation
  • Resolve destructive conflicts and dilemmas
  • Develop a climate of greater trust and cooperation
  • Engage and focus the hearts and minds of your workforce around a shared story—the story of your business

We tailor this work to meet the specific needs of your organisation and link it to defined business outcomes. We also connect our organisational development programmes to your leadership and team programmes.


Traditionally, coaching has focused on the needs of the individual. We specialise in working with you to bring the organisation’s needs to each individual coaching programme. Together with you, we assess your organisation’s development needs and create coaching programmes that develop the individuals that can fulfil these. This maximises the benefit to the company of one-to-one coaching, and fulfils the organisation’s mandate to develop its people.

We'll show you how to upgrade the skills of your existing workforce and place development at the heart of your organisation.


We work with you to create customised events for conferences, board retreats, meetings, off-sites and office interventions. These can be designed to:

  • Unite people behind a common cause
  • Explore company themes and cultural values
  • Address current issues and challenges
  • Assess strategic planning
  • Identify obstacles to progress and change

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