Serving Your Organisation

"In the work that we did together for Sport England--a company-wide brainstorm of their organisational values--Spoon’s Russell Saunders brought three key qualities: personality, presence and point of view. His personal warmth, enthusiasm and openness engaged an audience that has a certain mistrust of outsiders. His professional skill and confidence kept 200 people on track for hours at a time--no mean feat. And his understanding of the organisation's context and issues meant that his facilitation was focussed on their needs at all times."
--Leader, Sport England


Realising Your Strategy

We help organisations translate their strategy into action. In this seminar you'll clarify the ideal end state you want your strategy to achieve, identify key individual and team behaviours necessary to execute that strategy and decide how you'll chart your progress. We'll also help you to prepare for key 'Moments of Truth,' when you'll seize opportunities to make essential and decisive progress.

Your Organisation's Story

We'll work with you to create a story that binds together your organisation's values, strategy, products, targets, ambitions and behaviours. We'll show you how to use this story to inspire and align your workforce, and to collectively find comprehensive solutions to enable fast progress.

Your Living Organisation

Your organisation is a living entity. But what sustains it? Is your strategy serving as its lifeblood? Do individual and collective behaviours encourage high performance? What structures, assumptions and modes of behaviour are inhibiting its performance? This programme enables you to identify what's needed to ensure healthy, sustainable growth, and what habits or practices need to be abandoned.

Organisation Identity and Values

Working closely with you, we'll create a shared story that encapsulates your organisation's identity, values and strategy. To create this story, you'll define the unifying passion and purpose of your organisation. You'll identify the challenges and obstacles that serve as the necessary spur for your growth and development. You'll explore how best to form, engage and maintain powerful, committed alliances. This story can become the central organising force of all the activities of your organisation, from strategy to values and behaviour.

Our Story Event method is one way to turn this exploration of identity and values into an exciting, interactive process.

Collaborative Working

The way your people interact and work together can define your organisation's success. We can help you put structures and practices in place to:

  • Eliminate silos
  • Develop communities of best practice
  • Resolve inner conflict and competition
  • Share best practice and create competitive advantage

The Innovative Organisation

The capabilities of your workforce provide your competitive advantage. Encouraging creativity and innovation is of paramount importance. We can show you how to create a culture of innovation and become a learning organisation. Discover how to:

  • Generate imaginative thinking
  • Stimulate spontaneity and innovation
  • Encourage and support risk-taking
  • Promote collaborative working and knowledge sharing

Spoon Solutions

We use our own unique process to help you identify and implement solutions to long-standing and complex problems and issues using our interactive scenario process. For more information, click here

Train the Trainer

We can show you how to get the most value from your training budget. We offer Train the Trainer programmes to develop the training and coaching skills of your workforce. We'll work with you to re-create the training scenarios your trainers face, and share techniques to help them:

  • Learn the key secrets to engaging a training room
  • Understand how to energise a group
  • Diagnose the needs of their audience
  • Create safe learning environments