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Story Events

Our interactive Story Events process encourages you to investigate all aspects of your organisation, from its values to its strategic direction, from its current challenges to the way it encourages people to behave and interact. We'll help you identify these, and then show you how they can be realised during an off-site or board retreat during which a group of colleagues actively create a story and perhaps even bring it to life in performance.

Story Event stories are chosen or created in consultation with senior management. They can be well-known or epic stories, or written especially for the event. Recent projects include:

  • Using ‘The 12 Labours of Hercules’ as a metaphor for a building machinery and clothing company’s plans for European expansion 
  • Using 'Romeo and Juliet' to examine hostilities and mutual distrust between two divisions (Editorial and Sales) of a large magazine publisher
  • Creating a bespoke Hero’s Quest to explore issues which resulted from a large corporate restructuring and to embrace the opportunities created by large scale change
  • By bringing a story to life, Story Event participants have opportunities to practice innovation, spontaneity and teamwork. The success of each project depends on the team’s ability to realise the potential of all its individuals and to work together towards to achieving a shared goal.

    For an example of a Story Event proposal, click here.

Guerrilla Theatre

Gossip is a part of work culture. Our Guerrilla Theatre process can help generate the gossip you want people talking about. If you want to raise awareness of an important issue, we'll develop and perform short theatre which can play out in your office or workplace. This creates a buzz that gets people talking. It definitely beats an email for impact and memorability!


  • Broadcast your news in an unforgettable way
  • Highlight key issues
  • Inject some energy and fun in the office

Artist in Residence

Enliven your office or organisation with our Spoon 'Artist in Residence' programme. We'll arrange to have an artist intervention in your office once a week, or once a month. We offer two ways of doing this.


Here are some ways Spoon can enliven and reinvigorate your office.
You can have:

  • A musician playing live in the foyer or corridors
  • A Paparazzi Photographer capturing live shots of your star workers
  • An impromptu 'Oscars' ceremony in your office. ('This year's Oscar for the best supporting accountant goes to…')
  • A chef making desserts live at your desk


Our Artist in Residence will get your people into the act by:

  • Inviting your workers to conduct a string quartet playing in the office on a Friday afternoon and give everyone an opportunity to "have a go."
  • Get employees to create their own group paintings
  • Give colleagues a camera and instruct them to shoot beautiful or inspiring objects in the office
  • Creating Haiku or Sonnet poems describing what engages them with their work
  • Get them to create their own songs about business issues to sing as part of a live in office karaoke session. Our favourite: a version of 'Feelings' written by a group of consultants called 'Meetings.'

Health and Well-Being

We create organisation-wide events that focus on individual and group well-being. The healthy options on our Spoon menu include:

  • Stress Relief
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Nutrition
  • Cooking
  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi
  • Energy Medicine
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness