Serving Your Team

Close Encounters: Teambuilding Activities


Create a play (or musical, opera, melodrama etc.) in a day that either directly or metaphorically addresses your key challenges and issues.


Discover the key ingredients of a successful ensemble by working together to improvise and compose musical pieces that reflect what is happening in the organisation.


Create photographs to illustrate your current aims and goals, or simply highlight the everyday beauty of your shared working environment.


Make a film about the challenges facing your team or your organisation, or create films that represent a 'day in the life' of an individual or team.

Comedy and Improvisation

Nothing unites people like laughter. Create improvised comic sketches with real work scenarios.


We'll show you how to define your key team themes and challenges in haikus, sonnets and 'toiliterature'--group poems which grow on the walls of your WCs.

Visual Art

Create individual or group paintings, sculptures or prints to represent anything from current challenges to where you want to take your organisation.


What are the key ingredients of your success? How are you going to combine these to greatest effect? Using the medium of cooking, we'll show you how to tackle what's on your plate.

Treasure Hunt

What are the most valuable 'treasures' (values, traits, behaviours) in your organisation? We will hide symbols of these treasures around your office or conference venue for participants to find and collect. Then we'll facilitate a discussion of what makes these treasures essential to the functioning of your teams.

Circus Skills

What priorities are you juggling at work? Do you feel like you're walking on a tightrope? Explore company issues while having fun learning circus skills.


We create themed walks around your office or neighborhood and give pairs or small groups of people tasks to accomplish which are related to your current strategy or issues.