Serving Your Team

"Jack, you are a real inspiring guy! Your enthusiasm is contagious."
--Manager, Fortis Bank


Our programmes enable you to optimise team performance.

We can show you how to improve the quality and effectiveness (while decreasing the quantity) of your meetings.

Our unique personal profiling system, Your User's Guide™, shows you how to motivate, inspire and support each member of your team to generate a more productive working environment.

Our Spoon Solutions process empowers you to discover and implement diverse and creative solutions to long-standing and intractable problems, issues and dilemmas.

Our team coaching programmes forge powerful and lasting team connections and transform working relationships. They'll help your team unite behind a common purpose and commitments.

We also work with Grapple™, a revolutionary new interactive coaching tool designed to improve team dynamics and reduce and resolve conflicts and unproductive behaviour.

We can help you and your team manage stress and promote well-being.