Serving Your Team

"With these guys team-work can be so much fun and wonderfully productive/positive"
--Leadership Director, International Bank


Optimising Teams

Play Grapple™, a revolutionary game and process designed to improve team dynamics by addressing and solving the overt and hidden conflicts and dilemmas that are hampering the effectiveness of individuals and teams.

Close Encounters: Connecting Teams

We have developed a wide variety of teambuilding activities designed to forge powerful connections between colleagues and renew and refresh working relationships. We offer options using theatre, music, the visual arts, cooking and circus skills, among many others.

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Integral Problem Solving

Discover the four key areas that must be addressed to create comprehensive and lasting solutions to any problem. Examine how these solutions will play out on the different landscapes of your work and business.

Dream Team

Create a map of your key working relationships in order to better understand the dynamics of your team interactions. Explore and describe the deepest intentions of your team or division. Analyse what you need more/less of to create an ideal, high functioning team.