Serving Your Team

"With these guys team-work can be so much fun and wonderfully productive/positive"
--Leadership Director, International Bank


Realising Your Strategy

We help teams translate their strategy into action. In this seminar you'll clarify the ideal end state you want your strategy to achieve, identify key individual and team behaviours necessary to execute that strategy and decide how you'll chart your progress. We'll also help you to prepare for key 'Moments of Truth,' when you'll seize opportunities to make essential and decisive progress.

Your Team's Story

We'll work with you to create a story that binds together your team's values, strategy, products, targets, ambitions and behaviours. We'll show you how to use this story to inspire and align your team members, and to collectively find comprehensive solutions to enable fast progress.

Your Living Team

Your team is a living entity. But what sustains it? Is your strategy serving as its lifeblood? Do individual and collective behaviours encourage high performance? What structures, assumptions and modes of behaviour are inhibiting its performance? This programme enables you to identify what's needed to ensure healthy, sustainable growth, and what habits or practices need to be abandoned.

Team Innovation

The capabilities of your team provide your competitive advantage. Encouraging their creativity and innovation is of paramount importance. We can show you how to create a culture of innovation and ensure team members continue to learn and develop. Discover how to:


  • Generate imaginative thinking
  • Stimulate spontaneity and innovation
  • Encourage and support risk-taking
  • Promote collaboration and knowledge sharing



The Meeting Mechanic

Do you have too many meetings? Do they go on too long? Do they fail to create actionable outcomes? Do they keep you away from the 'real' work that needs doing? Learn four key ways to improve the effectiveness of all the meetings you attend. Become a 'Meeting Mechanic' to tune-up meetings stuck in neutral or simply going nowhere fast. This course is guaranteed to help you get maximum mileage and value out of every business meeting.


  • More focussed, intent-driven meetings
  • Fewer and more efficient meetings
  • Meetings which consider the most essential issues
  • Meetings which create clear, actionable outcomes

Supporting Actors

Using examples from real life stories and popular films, we'll show you how effective, diverse and energised teams and powerful alliances transform the world. We'll then show you how to get the most from the supporting actors in your team.

Stress Management

Removing or reducing stress leads to greater productivity, efficiency and job-satisfaction. Learn powerful physical, emotional and intellectual techniques that you can do anywhere at work which will lower or eliminate your stress.


  • Greater productivity
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Reduced absenteeism and employee turnover

Optimising Energy

Learn the simple, easy-to-practice physical techniques of Energy Management to restore and sustain high energy levels in your workforce. Mobilise inner forces to enhance personal power and efficiency and maintain a healthy, energised body. Learn an easy five-minute routine that you can do at your desk, in your office or in a meeting to refresh and revitalise yourself, sharpen your concentration, engagement and memory.


  • Revitalised performance
  • More energy to tackle key challenges
  • Sharper concentration, engagement and memory

Body Intelligence

Learn simple ways to improve posture, physicality and movement during long days at work to avoid physical and mental fatigue and to encourage clarity of thought and creativity. All the activities you'll learn can be done in your office or workplace.