Serving Your Team

"Only the spoon knows what is stirring in the pot."
--Italian Proverb


Primary Modes Profiling

Our 'Primary Modes' profiling tool helps people understand their own and colleagues’ behaviour both in ideal environments and under stress.


  • Smoother functioning teams
  • Less internal conflict
  • Better interpersonal understanding

Your Personal Profile: The 'User's Guide™'

Profiling systems offer insight into people's behavioural tendencies. However, they can lead us to generalise and stereotype people. Far more useful to have a 'User's Guide' for individuals, which shows you how to motivate, inspire and support each member of your team.


  • Better understanding of individuals needs and drivers
  • More productive working relationships
  • Optimal team performance

Your Team Organisational Chart

In challenging times, teams are sustained by the strong, enduring commitments which guide their work. In this session you'll create your own Team Organisational Chart to identify and explore the relationships between your team values and competing commitments. You'll examine how these inform the challenges and opportunities your team currently face.